Ideally we would like to be able to provide you with our shoe fitting expertise in store, but we do also know that it is very important that your child has well-made footwear with growing room, avoiding throw away fashion with little support thus having a negative impact on growing feet so if you are unable to make it into Jump to be professionally measured and fitted for shoes, please read on for a guide on how to do this.

Purchasing footwear via a guide online is not the best way to obtain the best fitting footwear for your child. A guide online is no substitute for the expertise you will receive when visiting our store.

The experience of a shoe fitter is invaluable and much of the quality shoe fitting service we provide is in the knowledge that comes from years and years working in this industry, knowing about how a shoe should fit and how different brands and shoe styles suit all different kinds of feet.

Please note: The shoe size and width provided by a measuring gauge is merely a guide.


Measuring and sizing guidance


Here is how we suggest you receive the most accurate measurements of your child's feet . . . 

  1. We advise that you stand them on a piece of paper and draw around each foot. It is very important to measure both your child's feet. Most Children and adults have one foot that is slightly larger than the other!
  2. Without the correct foot stool and measuring gauge, to get a more accurate measurement, we would suggest it is best they are standing with their feet spread a little when weight bearing.
  3. To find the length of your little ones feet, we advise that you measure the outline you have drawn from very tip of the longest toe (this is not always the big toe, so make sure to measure correctly) all the way to heel.
  4. For the width. Make sure to measure across whichever point appears to be the widest part of the foot.
  5. Finally, if in doubt, get in touch! Send us an e-mail with a picture of your measurements and will do our best guide you on the best shoes to fit your little ones.

Please note: You must use the measurements for the largest foot when converting to shoe size.

Start-Rite have created this super helpful guide for you:

Start-Rite Paper Measuring Guide


Size Chart