Shoe Care


At Jump we believe, just as it is important to look after your feet, it is also important to look after your shoes!

Children’s footwear is no different to adults. Just like we polish our shoes and try to maintain the leather and materials, it is vital that we take care of our littles one’s shoes too if we want them to keep looking smart and prolong the shoes lifespan.

Try to give your shoes the best conditions for a long, happy life with regular maintenance.

If a pair of shoes is being worn every day or 3-5 times a week, we would recommend a shoe care routine. This may differ depending on weather conditions and amount of usage but trying to polish and protect every 2 weeks is a good way to preserve the leather and look of a shoe.

Shoe Manufacturers and Brands are very aware of all the various places and ways a shoe gets worn. The toes can suffer badly (it seems the front of a shoe makes a good break for a scooter!), so they do their best to put rubber or scuff resistant materials in these areas of a shoe to prevent damage to the leather.

Please bear all these factors in mind when you are purchasing your child’s shoes, especially if they are prone to scuffing up their shoes. If this is the case, it may be best to look to shoes that provide some extra protection where needed.

Well cared for shoes last longer and look great!


Care for all types of materials...



Stains on leather can be removed with a damp cloth or cleaned with a combi cleaner.

If your little one uses their shoes every day, for example school shoes, it is a really good idea to treat them with a protector spray for their first use and there after every two weeks. We recommend Woly 4x4 protector which you can buy online or in-store at jump.

To refresh the colour the colour or to keep the leather moisturized we would advise you use a shoe cream. Leather in brighter colours can be preserved with a matching colour or a neutral shoe cream. Again, we would suggest using any Woly or Famaco shoe creams available at Jump.


Do not wipe suede or nubuck with a damp cloth. It is best to let the shoe dry and then brush away the dirt with a shoe brush.

If the shoes are used every day, you should try to treat them with protector spray every 2 weeks.


The surface is delicate by direct contact with hard abrasive surfaces as well as shocks or impacts or other inappropriate use.


Patent shoes are “easiest” of all leathers to care for. You can use a damp cloth to remove dirt and stains. If extra cleaning is required, you can use a patent (Lack) liquid to clean and maintain the shoe.

You should be aware and bear in mind that if you get a scratch on the surface of a patent shoe, you cannot repair or polish the lack. We sell more patent than smooth leather for ‘Back to School’ due to its hard-wearing nature however once the lack is broken there is little you can do to rectify this. This is why some people prefer a smooth leather that you can polish (however you will find you have to polish a smooth leather much more often than lack leather)


Love your shoes by caring for them, take them on adventures and most importantly...enjoy!