At this time of year, we sell the more School Shoes in this 7-8 weeks than any other time. It is the season for brand new shiny shoes for going back to school in September!

We just wanted to take this opportunity to emphasise the importance of getting your children's feet measured and fitted professionally. Shoe fitters have the knowledge and at Jump, the years and years of experience. This will be our 16th 'Back To School' Summer Season and we are still just as passionate about making sure your little ones get the correct fitting footwear.

School Shoes are our kids most worn pair of shoes. If you think about it, the shoes they wear for school have a pretty huge and important job to do. They need to feel as comfortable as possible in a pair of shoes, our feet are designed to take body weight and they need to be in the correct footwear to do this effectively.

Back-to-School time is known as blister season because it is often still warm in September when they go back to school. Active feet that have been busy running around all day often get hot and sweaty.  When they go back to school in new shoes there is a every possibility of rubbing. Make sure to only let them wear their shoes with socks on (with no seams that could rub) and it is very important to let them wear their new shoes indoors at home for short periods of time, ideally for at least a couple of weeks, prior to wearing them all day at school.