Hello lovely people!
We have been collaborating with lots of exciting new brands to add to our collection at Jump. To name a few; Veja, Aigle, Rogue Matilda, Angulus and Young Soles....what a sweet treat for your feet!
We are of course, still stocking all the old favourites we couldn't be without; Ricosta, Petasil, Froddo, Saltwater Sandals and many more which will be returning to the shelves and hopefully before long... on your little ones feet!
To keep you updated and give you a sneaky peak, here's what's on offer...


V e j a  

 📸 V e j a


It's got to be said, we have a bit of a style crush on this conscious brand and are very excited that we are now stocking Veja at Jump. All of us have been huge fans of this brand for some time; we love their ethos, the style and the quality of their trainers.

Veja means 'look' in Brazilian.  Since the creation of the brand in 2004, Veja have been manufactured in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil. All Veja trainers and accessories are made of organic cotton, with which they work alongside a co-operative of organic cotton farmers in the North-East of Brazil. All the cotton and food crops are cultivated without chemicals or pesticides. 

They use wild rubber from the Amazon to create the soles of Veja trainers. Veja buy Amazonian rubber at a premium which means Rubber Tappers earn a good enough living that it helps to reduce the monetary appeal of land clearance in the Amazon rainforest thus in turn, fighting against deforestation.

Veja use vegetable-tanned leather making it Chrome-free and organic. Avoiding using heavy metals like Chrome, helps to reduce the pollution that usually comes from water that sits close to tanneries.

For the mesh that is used on the soles of their trainers, Veja use recycled plastic bottles! It takes three of these to make one pair of shoes by crushing the bottles to produce a fibre. Their trainers are also the most biodegradable on the market. 

We were fascinated to learn everything that went into creating such a cool, classic but funky trainer in order to, not only to make them look good, but for the environmental impacts to be so carefully considered. Veja are definitely doing their bit. 

. . . 

B o b u x

 📸 B o b u x

Bobux is back on the shelves in Jump. We have stocked their gorgeous shoes in the past and we're proud to be stocking Bobux again; with 30 years of experience, using podiatrists in every step of the design process they have a deep understanding of children's foot health.

From the moment your little one is born, they are constantly growing and developing. Jump understands how important it is to expertly measure feet and we are passionate in finding the best fitting shoes to suit a variety of foot shapes. Our experienced fitters will always expertly guide you on the best shoes for your little ones feet.

We will be stocking a variety of Bobux shoes including their Grass Court trainers in a variety of bespoke colours and their dreamy soft leathers.

. . .

 S a l t - W a t e r

 📸 S u n - S a n / S a l t - W a t e r


Salt-Water and their kids range Sun-Sans are a Spring / Summer staple at Jump. These sandals do everything you need a sandal to do. Comfortable and classic, they are coated in a water-resistant sealant with rust-proof hardware so fantastic for the beach and swimming, great to protect feet in water on uneven river or seabed. They have a thick urethane sole which makes them great for running around in and for long walks. Perfect stylish summer sandals for growing feet.

. . .

 Young Soles

📸 Y o u n g  S o l e s


It was love at first sight and an instant creative connection with this modern brand...

Meet Young Soles; a perfect blend of retro-cool with classic British Heritage style. Designed in East London, made in Europe using only the highest quality materials which are built to last.

Young Soles acknowledges trends while giving them their own twist; whether it’s borrowing from childhood memories or a style movement, they always stay true to the brand. 

 . . .

F r o d d o

📸  F r o d d o

We couldn't come back without one of our customer and staff favourite brands! This 60-year old trusty brand uses only the premium super soft leather to craft their flexible shoes, making them perfect for little growing feet.

Froddo's shoes are cleverly designed to include a removable insole which makes them great for orthotics and a number of bumper toes on most of their shoes to help with scuffing.

Their shoes range from a tiny size 19 with soft soles and bumper toes all the way up to a size 42, boys school shoe. They cater for both wide and narrow feet working with orthopaedic surgeons to ensure their collection suits a variety of growing feet.

We look forward to showcasing Froddo's Spring colourful collection at Jump very soon . . .

. . .

H u m m e l

📸 H u m m e l

We have stocked super cool sports brand Hummel at Jump for many years now. Our customers love this Danish brand and it's ability to mix current colour trends with retro style. 

The brand is almost 100 years old, beginning with a young shoemaker Albert Messmer who developed one of the first football cleats in the world... fun fact! As Hummel developed so did it's design and philosophy with the chevron emblem symbolising team spirit, partnered with the bumblebee logo emerging in the 1950s. 

Hummel has had sponsorship deals with football clubs and under the current owner Christian Stadil, has established itself as a trendsetting sports apparel brand.

The 'Stadil Hi-Top' is our most popular style by Hummel. We have found over the years, it's three velcro straps and ability to open out makes it a fantastic trainer for kids who like to be able to put their shoes on themselves and also for children that wear Orthotics or need extra ankle support in the form of a stylish weekend trainer.

We love a bit of retro-cool here at Team Jump and Danish footwear and clothing brand Hummel fits the bill perfectly; blending retro-style perfectly with modern colours and winning materials.
We are delighted to add their clothing line and accessories to our collection. With their iconic chevrons and with the injection of some contemporary colours, Hummel just know how to do cool, effortlessly