Super Woman, super Mum, super stylish.
Did we also mention she's an architect
and creative genius? She is passionate
about well fitting, great quality shoes that
work hard and look good.


Busy Dad. Lover of the Emerald Isle
and walking his faithful dog Alba.
Passionate about excellent service
and the importance of the High Street.
If he was a shoe. . .he'd be a Camper;
hard working and quietly stylish.


Mama. Enjoys long walks with her
handsome dog Barney and spending
time with friends and family. She's a
Brogue lover and has provided Jump
customers with her expertise for over
15 years! 

Animal obsessed, lover of travel and
photography. Spends most of her
time with her beloved dog and in the
great outdoors . . . she  also has a
shoe collection Imelda Marcos would
be proud of!




📸 Photo Credit: Clare Bowes